Tuesday, September 27, 2011

15 month old Landon...

This age is so much fun!!  Landon is learning so much every single day and his personality is REALLY starting to develop now.  He is learning to play and pretend. He is always making me laugh, and if I'm not laughing, I'm probably telling him no. :)

Words Landon can say without prompting:
DAAAAA!!!!  (calling for his dad of course)
all duhh  (all done)
Ehhmo  (elmo)
ditty  (kitty)
duh-duh  (doggie)
dow  (down)
buhh  (bus)
bah  (ball)
nana  (banana)
dishy  (fishy)
ewwoh  (hello)
no-no (with the finger shake of course)

I'm sure there are a few more.  And there are words he can say, but require some prompting and only if he feels like saying them. :)
Landon loves to read books, or have them read to him.  About a week or two ago, he started bringing me books that he wants to read.  I love that.  He loves rocks, and will stop to sit and play with them no matter where we are.  He loves sticks and dirt too... all of the typical boy stuff.  He is becoming a good little eater.  There isn't much he doesn't like to eat, so happy he isn't picky.  He is not big on cuddling, which does make me a little sad, he is just on the go all of the time.  If he's awake he is moving and busy.  He loves to make messes, but one of the greatest things he's learned lately is how to also pick up his mess.  So awesome!  He LOVES the vacuum and to "help" with the dishes (mostly taking the dishes out of the dishwasher while we are trying to put them in).  He also discovered the broom and enjoys sweeping.  Is it too early for him to learn how to cook too? ;)

time slips away...

I have been down right horrible at this blogging thing!  No posts in 5 months!!  And so much has been happening too!  Looks like I will have to play some catch up yet again....