Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am probably one of the most impatient people I know.  Sometimes I think it actually helps me, but usually it does not.  And waiting on something medical related... ugh, that is even worse!  I went in to the doc on Monday for an issue that I have been dealing with for the last few weeks.  Major step for me... I would rather just not go to the doctor at all and ignore whatever is wrong and wait for the day that it goes away.  But... now that I am getting older, I really should probably start taking better care of myself and that would include getting checked out when things aren't quite right.  Plus I am just downright tired of whatever is wrong with me.  So initially, my fears about this issue were calmed on Monday at my appt.  It was a pretty uncomfortable appointment, but I left feeling better about what I was dealing with.  Until yesterday.  It all of a sudden just got a whole lot worse.  So I called the doc today to discuss the new details of my situation.  Now I have to stop all meds and wait until late Friday afternoon to be seen again.  UGH!!  Pure torture.

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