Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nursery complete!

Well, for now it is anyway. ;) 
I figured since Landon is now officially sleeping in his room, it really should be complete.

I love it!  I think his bedding looks much better in person though.  We bought it from a company called Glenna Jean.  Their bedding is made here in the USA.  We have really been trying to make a conscious effort to support American businesses who continue to produce their goods in America.  As best as we can anyway.
And there is our cat, hiding in the corner. :)

His bookshelf and dresser are both from Ikea.  I guess that isn't very American, is it? I love them though...and they were a great deal. 
And oh man, I could spend a week in there!

I love big metal stars!  Love, love, LOVE them!  I found this one and the bucking bronco lantern at Real Deals.  Again...not very American of me... most of their products, if not all, are made in China. *sigh*  But again, I do love them, and they are perfect in his room.
The vase with (would you call them twigs?) was made by my mom in law for my baby shower centerpieces.  Cute, right?!  They originally had little blue and green baby item ornaments hanging from them.  I removed them though... as cute as they were for my shower... I didn't think they quite fit the "cowboy" theme going on.

Alyssa helped pick out these pictures for her brother's room.  She LOVES horses!  The pictures were taken by a photographer from our state that travels all over the country taking wildlife and landscape shots.  We picked them up at a craft show here in town.  These are of wild mustangs in Wyoming.  Oh how I would love to have his job.  Maybe someday. :)  His work is absolutely beautiful!
The horseshoe hooks are another score from Real Deals.

There is the bear bank I painted for Landon on our New Years Eve trip to Polka Dot Pottery.  And the picture frame signed by some of my girlfriends at my friend shower.

Of course, no cowboy room in our house would complete without something to honor Wyatt Earp and Jason's favorite cowboy movie, Tombstone.  If Jason had his way, and his way only, Landon's name just may have been Wyatt. :)  He is 100% Landon though.  Thank goodness!  Wyatt is a great name, just not something I would choose.

And lastly, Landon's first teddy bear from his sissy.  And a picture of him in a frame we picked up on a little trip we took to Montana last spring.

So that is that!  I wish I could get one big picture of his whole room, but the layout of it, just doesn't allow me to do so.  I think the only thing I could really add is a porch style rocking chair in the corner.  Oh that would just be perfect!  So I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for one.  If you see any great deals on one... let me know, please? :)

Okay, one last picture...and only because he's so stinkin' cute.
Landon, sleeping peacefully in his newly finished room with his Sophie still in his mouth.  He just makes my heart smile. ♥


  1. Fantastic job! Love you Terra :0) And I love the pic of Landon and 'his Sophie.' So sweet :0)

  2. You did a GREAT job on your blog. I lurve the colors, and Mr. Landon is lookin pretty sweet with his sophie.;-)