Friday, January 7, 2011

This little blog of mine

I've made it, I'm finally here!!  It really is about time.  I've been following quite a few blogs for some time now.  I've actually learned quite a bit from each one, and have implemented much of what I have learned into my everyday life.  Cloth diapering, meal planning, the art of clipping coupons, baby wearing... the list goes on and on...
I'm so thankful for the wealth of knowledge that I have found at my fingertips.  Maybe I can pass a little of it along.  Maybe. 
I honestly don't have BIG plans for this little blog of mine.  Not just yet, anyway.  It will not be based on any subject in particular.  Just life, I suppose (okay, okay...I'm sure you'll be hearing plenty about my kids).  A place to write my thoughts and feelings about everyday life and all that it encompasses.  As a passionate and highly opinionated person in life, I hope my writing will reflect the excitement that I feel quite often, and not bore you to absolute death. ha! 
The title, while it did take me a bit to think of, really IS me.  So ME.  In more ways than one.
So here you have it.... Life Through Green Eyes.

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  1. I always love to read your posts via FB Terra. I am excited to now have a chance to follow you along via your blog! :)