Wednesday, February 9, 2011

cold, blah....need sun.

Oh the sun was such a welcome sight this afternoon!  Especially after it snowed all morning.  I think winter's dreariness may finally be getting to me a bit.  I long for weather warm enough to melt the outrageous amount of snow that I still have in my front yard.  I want to dig in the dirt and finish cleaning up the mess I didn't get to before it snowed super early last November.  I want to clean out my garage and wash my car.  I want to take Landon for a walk.  I just want to sit outside and feel the sun on my skin.
Every year at this time, I find myself REALLY missing Mexico.  I cannot believe it's been three years since we were last there.  I miss the palm trees, the sand, the ocean waves that are as warm as bath water, the crazy taxi rides, cobblestone streets, the music, evening strolls along the malecon...I really miss the people, the locals.  Their hearts are warmer than the sun.

Can I just book my plane ticket now???

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